Public Speaking – Why you MUST tell stories

In this week’s vlog I share some of the reasons it’s so important to tell stories during public speaking. Watch the video for detail or just read on for heavily edited highlights!

Stories allow us to connect emotionally with our listeners when public speaking

Ever watched a speech where the information was good, the speaker was competent but you felt unmoved? That was probably because the speaker failed to tell stories that brought the message to life.

Typically we remember stories much better than we do cold hard facts, so why not wrap those facts in a story to create a double whammy of impact?

Stories give people hope when public speaking

When we watch movies or read books of fiction and autobiographies, learning about how others overcome challenges can be inspiring and can help us feel we can do it too. Why rob your audience of that  powerful experience by not sharing stories when you speak?

The inclusion of stories also makes things far more interesting. We can build in suspense, excitement and so much more, especially if we have a character who has something at stake or huge gains to make if things could only work out for the better.

Client stories are a powerful way to show off your expertise when public speaking

Don’t forget to share tales of how your clients succeeded – with your help. This is called seeding and it’s a great way to subtly boost your credibility.

In my courses 6 Weeks to Speaking Success and Get Clients with Speaking, I share several storytelling frameworks as well as some quick strategies that will help you, especially if you’re not a natural storyteller.


Don’t forget to incorporate stories the next time you plan a speech. Your audience will thank you for it!


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