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How much does public speaker training cost for my company?

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The cost of speaker coaching for your organisation depends on multiple factors

So you want to bring in a speaker trainer and provide some speaker coaching for your staff or for some people at your organization or your team. So how much does that cost? My name’s Sola Kaye. I’m a public speaking coach, a professional trainer, and also a professional speaker and I’m going to answer that question in this video. And the first thing I’m going to say is it depends. And the reason it depends is, or the number of reasons that it depends are multiple.

What the skills of the trainer are

First of all, you want to think about how much or what sort of skills you want that speaker trainer to have. Do you want something quite generic for your group or do you want some specialist training that takes into account the industry that you’re in or the skillset that your team has? For example, there are a number of companies out there where you can actually bring in a coach for a day or you can send your team out to them and they will work with your team. And typically, don’t quote me on this because every company is different that provides training, but you might pay as much as eight, 900 pounds a day for training for each individual. So obviously if you’re sending five, six people on the training, it can start to get expensive which is why you might want to look at somebody coming to you and coming and spending a day with you instead.

Where you are based

Now, when that’s the case, again, you can pay different amounts. You might pay on the low end perhaps 500 pounds a day for someone to come to you. And typically if you don’t live in a big city like London, if you’re perhaps in a more regional place, you might find that you’ll get more affordable rates among the providers in your local area. It could go all the way up to perhaps a thousand pounds or 1500 pounds just for half a day, and it could be 1500 pounds for a full day. So it really does depend on the skills of the individual. Some speak trainers that I know like charge two and a half thousand, 3000 pounds a day, even more, if they’re giving you very specialized information. And also if you want something that’s very tailored to the needs of your group.

If the training includes bespoke or generic content

So in terms of the charges of my own speaker training, I tend to say to people that I’d like to work with your budgets, and it totally depends on what your budget is, where I have to travel to, how much preparation I have to do. So if you want something that’s quite generic, perhaps a couple of hours of refresher training or something quite basic, then that can be very affordable. And then it goes up from there. So you really need to think about what your budget is. And you could say to quite a few providers, “Well, I’ve got this budget. What can you do for me?” So you’re better off deciding who you want to work with first of all, and then telling them your budget because they might have a couple of days free where they can give you a lower rate because they know that it’s at short notice and they can’t fill that time. Or some might say, “Well, it’s short notice, I’m going to charge you more.” It really does depend on the way the practitioner works.

Knowing the specific skills you need to learn will give you an idea of the budget

But have an idea of the budget. Have an idea of what you want your team to learn. Do you need something that’s industry specific or something that’s very generic? Do you need, for example, pitching skills? Do you need to go out and pitch your new business so you need those kinds of skills? Or do you need some very generic speaker training where people need to get up and speak more confidently in your team meetings? Or do you need somebody to be able to go and stand at a big industry conference and speak to two or 3000 people in a really confident and poised way? Which again, all of those three examples are very different, aren’t they? So you need to understand what skillset you would like your team to acquire through the training, so that when you do go and start looking for your speaker coach, you’re really clear about where you want your team to get to and then of course, that will help you to choose the right person.

If the provider is an industry expert or author their fees may be higher

So I hope that helps. I guess the answer to that question here, how long is a piece of string? It depends. But have a good idea of your budget and have a good idea of what skills you want that trainer to have or that speaker coach. Do you want them to have the credibility of having written a few books? For example, I’ve written several books. Do you want them to have an entertainment background? There are a lot of actors who would go out and help people to become better speakers. I myself have a background as a professional singer and I’ve worked around the world on big stages and small ones. So it really depends on the skill set you want.

If the skills lead to an increase in revenue

Are you in quite a serious profession where you want people to have lots of gravitas, or do you want people to pick up skills where they’re more lighthearted and they’re more relatable and it’s that relate-ability that will help them to be more successful as speakers? Maybe at big conferences or standing on a stand at an exhibition, being relatable can be really helpful, right? Because if you’re more relatable, you probably are more inviting to talk to. You’ll probably strike up more conversations that could lead to more sales, rather than somebody who’s quite forbidding and very stern and serious and isn’t very attractive to people walking by in terms of pulling people into that stand and having a quick chat.

The training may be delivered in person or virtually

So all of this and a lot of variables involved and there are also obviously a lot of practitioners out there. There are companies that can offer you training. You send people to them. There are companies that will bring people to you. There are individuals that you can reach out to who can come to you. There’s online training. There’s all sorts of options available. So it starts with you asking yourself the key questions and then looking to find the right practitioner.

The training is generic vs industry specific

But I hope that helps. If you’re considering me to be the person that comes and does your training for you, I work in a very general sense with a lot of different industries. I also have specific training that I deliver to individuals or teams who are perhaps in the STEM areas, the STEM industries, perhaps they’re professional services like accountants and they’re used to dealing with technical information, numbers, data. So with the STEM background that I have, I specialize in working with those sorts of groups. But of course I also have very generic training as well. So that’s why I can offer a wide range of different prices, whether it’s something that I just come in and I’ve prepared before, or you want to work with me closely over a period of time, so we construct a program specifically for you and for your team.

I’d love to help – let’s have a chat about your training needs

To get in touch, drop me a message by the contact page, contact me, or just drop me an email at, and we can have a chat about your needs for training. But I hope that this is helpful and keep in touch. Take care. Bye.

Shola Kaye is an award-winning speaker, author and professional speaker coach with clients around the world. Her work has been mentioned in Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar and on the BBC.
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