An award winning teacher with a PGCE from Oxford University, Shola is also a trained life coach and has a deep interest in personal enrichment. Speeches are humorous, entertaining and infused with musical references, personal stories and life lessons. Shola believes that every speech should have a wider message for the audience to take home. She also makes speeches interactive so rather than talking ‘at’ the audience the speech becomes a conversation.

Shola is currently president of the Grosvenor Square Speakers Toastmasters Club.


The common thread in Shola’s career has been communication and compelling story-telling.

It’s perhaps no surprise that today she combines singing and a deep interest in personal development, with running talks, workshops and gatherings to help people find their voice and share their story.

Shola uses her experience as a singer to help corporate employees improve their presentation skills and make their speeches more compelling. Key areas to work on are vocal variety, pitch, volume, rate and voice quality. We also work on how to begin and end presenations for maximum impact and how to structure content to keep the audience interested throughout. Shola keeps things fresh by adding entertaining, relevant references to some of the great Motown and Jazz songs and performers.

Shola has worked with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious corporates including Goldman Sachs, British Airways and Oracle.

Shola works with women’s groups and female entrepreneurs to help them find their unique voice. Sometimes it takes a while to uncover our authentic voice. Shola uses examples from her own life coupled with insightful exercises that allow powerful, honest communication from the heart.
Shola delivers her VOICES workshop to startups and incubators. She uses her VOICES workshop to help the founders of these fledgling companies complete the inner work that’s necessary prior to going out to meet investors. This provides clarity, focus and authenticity, building a solid personal foundation before the pitching rounds take place.


Shola talks about her childhood being fostered and manages to weave in the humorous story of a love rat and some family wrangles. This speech was given at the Ofgem Toastmasters group.

“Funny, emotional and interactive. Very warm and moving. I had a very vivid picture of the scenes being conjured up in my mind.”


In this very funny story, Shola describes dating a body builder in the USA. There’s also a message to those of us who tend to bottle up our communication rather than voice issues as and when they appear.

“It’s so interesting to listen to you. I loved the humour and it was very honest. I could identify with the topic. Great message!”


Shola chats about how she started up her Diana Ross tribute act. A funny story with the deeper message of how you can stay true to your own values even while pretending to be someone else.

“I loved your relaxed, humorous, conversational style, and the core message of the speech”


Here Shola introduces Roger James Hamilton’s ‘genius’ types in an entertaining speech. The underlying message is: play to your strengths and always value who you are.

“Hilarious! So much animation and with good examples. It was very easy to follow. Genius!”